Strategic partner for sustainable forestry

In Sweden, forestry is vital and represents a large portion of the country’s exports. When forest owners know their forests properly and realize their value, they can achieve stable returns that will benefit future generations.

Omsättning maj 2023-april 2024 (Mkr)
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Forestry with long-term benefits

Today, we practice a form of sustainable forestry where many aspects and interests must be taken into consideration, such as biological diversity, water quality, climate change, economic growth and recreation. Our vision is for all forest owners to understand their forest's potential and their opportunities to achieve sustainable forestry. Therefore, the group company performs forest analyses, creates forest management plans, and acts as a consultant to create financial benefits for customers. 

Our forestry segment includes Skogspartner which is based in Borås but operates throughout Sweden.

We are an independent knowledge-based company with a committed forest-savvy team that provides qualified guidance on forest questions. We are appointed as consultants and strategic advisors by forest owners, forest companies, forest owners’ associations and forest management companies.