Ensuring ventilation through innovation

Our subsidiaries in ventilation have ensured good indoor ventilation since 1930. Through our inhouse product development and production, we develop solutions for fire protection and ventilation.

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The safest partner for ventilation solutions

The ventilation industry is transforming rapidly and the demands for precision and durability are higher today than ever. We think this is a good, both areas have been our focus for almost a hundred years. By constantly looking to the future and challenging and developing the industry, we can create products that provide safe ventilation for people around the world. Our product development team sets the standard for the future of ventilation. Our vision is to be the industry's safest ventilation partner.

I affärsområdet ventilation ingår Bevent Rasch och Kro Produksjon AS.
Försäljningskontor finns i Borås, Stockholm, Motala och Oslo och produktion i Motala och Oslo.

Our customers should think of us as the safest partner for ventilation solutions. Our support function is easily accessible, and we provide sustainably produced products without compromising on safety. We make it easy to build healthy properties.


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CEO Bevent Rasch
CEO Rasch
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