Hydria Group can offer many great opportunities for development. We know our employees are the key to our success, so it is important to cultivate the drive of each and every one of us. Our goal is to see everyone grow in their roles through personal development.

Become part of Hydria Group and make a difference with us. We are always interested in new finding employees.

Our employees propel us forward. We want to make the most of the wonderful mix of skills and experience our employees have and to help them reach the next level and beyond.


In order for our group companies to continue developing, we get involved in many efforts aimed at contributing to a better world. As part of this journey, we are involved in different university programs, and are always interested in contributing to various networks and initiatives.


Our greatest strength is our employees, and to have the privilege right now to collaborate with future colleagues, we want to initiate an exchange of knowledge and experience with students at various colleges and universities. We believe that cooperation with fearless and innovative people allows us not only to develop but will also hopefully lead us to our future employees.

Are you interested in completing your thesis with us? Or are you curious about what we do and want to carry out your internship at one of our companies? Contact the group company you want to collaborate with.