From wastewater to a resource

By developing innovative solutions that make customers' facilities more efficient, an important natural resource is reused to contribute to a sustainable future.

Omsättning maj 2023-april 2024 (Mkr)
Number of employees

Swedish production with international operations

Our group company provides innovative technology that separates particles from wastewater and prepares the water for the next step of the treatment process. By manufacturing sustainable products in our local production plant and utilizing great expertise and curiosity for the future, they are part of the process that transforms wastewater into a resource. Sweden is known for its clean lakes and credited to being one of the countries with the cleanest water in the world. This is a legacy we want to convey globally through market-leading and high-quality water treatment solutions.

Business area 'water' consists of Hydria Water, which in January 2022 acquired the companies of Mellegård & Naij and VA Teknik Sweden AB and incorporated these into the Hydria brand.

The entire operation is located in Viared, Borås.

We thrive on challenges. By questioning established technology and solutions on the market today, we are driven to think differently and develop solutions that make facilities more efficient and contribute to a sustainable future.