Sustainable real estate management

It is wise to own and manage properties. It allows the group to influence their structure and performance capabilities, save energy, and progress more effectively towards a climate neutral operation.

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Properties that last

Hydria Group’s philosophy is to own the properties where their operations are conducted, and the combined holdings are managed by this group company. This is part of a long-term approach to create optimal conditions for our companies while also allowing us to focus on environmental issues and energy efficiency. Therefore, we consider it a strength to have extensive collective competence for developing and managing our properties.

Our ‘real estate’ business segment includes Hydria Fastigheter, based in Borås. They own and manage properties in Borås, Skövde, Oslo and Motala.

Owning our properties not only provides a stable foundation for the development of our operations but also for focusing on environmental issues and energy efficiency. Keeping an environmental focus comes naturally to us, and we actively work towards becoming climate neutral.


Andreas Barrstrand

CEO Hydria Fastigheter
Board member

Bengt Engberg

Chairman of the board

Tobias Barrstrand

Board member

Curt Larsson

Board member