Decades of development focused on people

Hydria Group is a stable and innovative family group. We have a strong foundation, a long investment horizon and our eye on the future. The continuous improvement for people today and future generations is what motivates us to innovate.

Good ventilation is vital. Since 1930, the companies within our group have ensured an excellent indoor environment for people as well as safe methods of fire protection.

As a country, Sweden has very high standards and strict requirements for water purification. By developing innovative solutions, our group company Hydria Water makes facilities around the world more efficient and converts wastewater into a resource.

The forest is one of our largest natural resources and covers half of Sweden in terms of surface area. Our group company Skogspartner acts as a strategic partner to support forest owners in achieving sustainable forestry.

Sustainable businesses and growth are achieved through creative communication and smart IT. The communication/IT operations support both external and internal companies so they can accelerate their business and reach their goals.

Owning and managing properties is safe and sustainable and ensure facilities with the right functionality at the right time to meet the needs of our group companies and external stakeholders.

Omsättning maj 2023-april 2024 (MKR)


Revenue 2030 (MSEK)


As a group, we work towards sustainable development, focus on Scandinavian production and have committed employees who want to make a difference.